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Fireside: Hangout with Your Community in a Virtual Room

Step into a cozy virtual room and gather around the virtual fireplace for a fireside chat with your community. Our Fireside virtual space is designed to provide a unique and engaging way for influencers and community builders to connect with their followers.

Our standard 3D environment is fully equipped with all the features you need to host a professional fireside chat. Sit around a virtual table and chat with your audience via live streaming of voice, video, and text chat. You can also share content on the screen, providing a visually engaging and interactive experience.

Our mobile platform means your community can join the virtual fireside chat no matter where they are, using Android and iOS devices. They can participate in the discussion, share their thoughts and ideas, and build connections with like-minded people.

With custom or out-of-the-box standard avatar design and animations, you can represent yourself in a unique and engaging way that stands out from the crowd.

Our Fireside virtual space provides a cost-effective solution for influencers and community builders who want to start hosting virtual fireside chats w