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A new Metaverse to unlock the world of art

The Blockchain world is experiencing its metaverse renaissance in terms of the number of projects which are being introduced.

Industry-leading goliaths Decentraland and Sandbox and the success they have shown that virtual worlds which provide real P2E potential are highly sought after for players and brands alike.

The aforementioned projects are an excellent way for players to earn virtually, yet they do not have links to physical reality-based investments.

Art investment as an exciting experience

Take, for example, the art industry, which has been reinvigorated by NFT Art.
The revenues generated by this historical change are already spectacular, as we saw with the result of Beeple, alias Mike Winkelmann, ($69.3 million) at Christie's, already rivaling historical auction records for physical works. These results are playing a spearhead role for this new world.

And although pieces of art have been shown the ability to sell for rather large sums as NFTs on such platforms as Sotheby's, the experience can be described in a word - mundane. And even worse, it is an experience that is not suitable to younger generations of investors who would like to experience and understand the art before purchase.

Enter in Metabloxz. The project will be a needed bridge bringing the physical to the digital art market.

There should be no compromise between making savvy investment decisions and having an exciting experience while exploring possible art investments.

Thanks to the technological advancements in VR and gaming technology, pieces of art and users can be reborn within the metaverse environment of Metabloxz.

MetaBloxz CEO Jonny Youssef says: "MetaBloxz's goal is to be the largest gamified art gallery & marketplace in the world. It is initially targeting artists, arthouses, expos, and their visitors. Thanks to the metaverse, it can lead to an 'ultra-democratization' of art, without loss of rarity and quality."

By taking the physical art world into the metaverse, MetaBloxz gives artists and the art community opportunities to grow their audiences on a global scale and earn revenue virtually, even if they are unable to do so physically due to lockdowns, for example.

For savvy investors and just thrill-seekers alike, it's a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave very few users unfazed. As users will dive deeper into the metaverse, they will be able to appreciate all of the opportunities that an almost limitless virtual environment has to offer.

For example, the ability to:

See pieces of art that are housed in art galleries around the world from the comfort of one's own living room.
Allow social interaction between the artist, gallery, and its users, making the platform the right place at the right time, with the world affecting pandemic still at large.
Purchase of art for pleasure or as an investment will be a quick and memorable experience thanks to the platform's robust payment system.

Not just promises

Many metaverse projects, even the biggest ones in the industry, don't have working products and are not even close to being done in their development cycles. However, their evaluations would make you believe otherwise.
The Metabloxz team has developed a minimum viable product (MVP) and built a unique marketplace for art lovers, artists, and galleries. MetaBloxz' virtual platform simulates the art exhibition experience in the real world, combined with unique elements that the virtual world enables, including:
Create any existing physical arthouse or expo virtually
Create a virtual-only art exhibition owned entirely by the artist where physical art, NFTs, avatars, and appearance items can be bought, sold, and auctioned
Group audience interactions and gamification can be embedded into exhibits to enhance audience enjoyment and engagement.

For full details of the MetaBloxz roadmap, features, and functionality, please visit
PR Contact: Jonny Youssef,

About MetaBloxz: MetaBloxz is a blockchain based social communication platform that empowers traditional art galleries, museums, education, conferences and expo spaces by creating a bridge between the physical and the virtual world. It aims to be the biggest gamified art gallery and art marketplace in the world.

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